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FROG Products, Inc. began in 2004 and has continued to grow each year based on an expertise for golf carts, hunting buggies and associated products as well as a passion for the engineering that builds them. Our very first product was a compact gas powered utility vehicle named the FROG. We have since evolved into providing services and products for the custom golf cart, outdoor, RV, boating and back-up power industries. Many of the products we offer are proprietary and patented and backed by a desire to meet the needs of our customers. 

Our small business atmosphere allows us to provide every customer with the personal attention they deserve. Each customized cart is designed with a care for details and an efficiency to provide the finished product in a quick time frame. 

Customize your perfect golf cart or hunting buggy or enhance your current one with one of our DIY Range Extending Hybrid-Pak Kits, Gen-Guards, Honda EU2000i Electric Start, Electric Choke, hard-wired Remote Control Panel Kits or State-of-Charge Meters. 

Our uniquely designed and patented Electric Start Kit for Honda EU2000i is the perfect solution to replace the pull-start of your Honda EU2000i! Add the Hybrid-Pak to your golf cart or hunting buggy in order to extend its range for longer rides and secure return trips. 

If you're looking for a team of customized golf cart and hunting buggy experts, contact FROG Products, Inc. No other business provides top-quality products backed by expert knowledge like FROG Products, Inc.