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The full kit components are shown above. The items numbered in red are not included in the base kit. They are only needed if the user wants to add the internal starter battery (battery, item 21 in picture above, cannot be shipped), charging system and externally mounted fuel tank.

The kit includes instructions for the installation of an electric start kit into a Honda EU2000i inverter generator. These instructions should provide complete installation steps so a mechanically handy individual can self-install the provided Electric Start Kit.

The base kit (ES-B) provides a pigtail so the user can remotely control Start, Stop, and the “ECO” switch on the generator. This kit requires the user to provide an external fuel source and a 12 volt starting battery.

The full kit (ES-F) provides the same remote capabilities of the ES-B kit and also provides the provision for an internal battery, charger, and external fuel tank mounting system.

We will install the Hybrid-Pak Starter Kit in your Honda EU2000i at our location if desired.

The push to start button and a kill switch can be mounted in the cart for easy access.

​​Please see the "Pricing & Purchasing" link for kit options and "Contact" link for questions. 

Electric Start Kit 
for Honda EU2000i

The assembled kit shown above is with the optional externally attached fuel tank, push-to-start button and  internal starter battery with charger which keeps the unit a working portable generator. The user can provide their own external battery and fuel supplies if desired.