electric start kit for Honda EU2000i


 The Full kit (ES-F) components are shown above in FIG 2. The items numbered in red are not included in the Base kit (ES-B). They are only needed if the user wants to add the internal starter battery (battery, item 21 in the picture above, cannot be shipped), a charging system and an externally mounted fuel tank which keeps the generator fully portable.

Both kits include instructions for the removal of the pull-start system and installation of an electric start kit into a Honda EU2000i inverter generator. These instructions should provide complete installation steps so a mechanically handy individual can self-install the provided Electric Start Kit.

Kit Options and Accessories:

The Base kit (ES-B)

This kit provides all the necessary parts to replace the original pull-start with an electric start. However, it requires the user to provide an external fuel source and a 12-volt starting battery. No Red items shown above in FIG 2 are included. In addition, it provides a pigtail (FIG 3) so the user can hard-wire remotely positioned switches to control Start, Stop, and the “ECO” switch of the generator.

You can choose to add the Electric Choke Kit (described below) by selecting the ES-B+C item on the purchasing page.

The Full kit (ES-F)

This kit also provides all the necessary parts to replace the original pull-start with an

electric start but in addition provides provisions for an internal battery, charger, and

external fuel tank mounting system which allows the generator to remain portable.

It also  provides the same hard-wired remote capabilities (FIG 3) of the ES-B kit and 

All items shown in FIG 2 above are included.

You can choose to add the Electric Choke Kit (described below) by selecting the ES-F+C

item on the purchasing page.

The Electric Start Choke Kit (ES-C) 

This kit is now available to add a hard-wired remote electric choke capability so

that all the functions of the EU2000i generator can be remotely controlled except

fuel shut-off. This kit is designed to be used with either of the Electric Start Kits

listed above and will momentarily fully close the choke and return it to fully open

using a momentary switch controlling the 12VDC input. FIG 4 shows the

installed kit. See the Electric Choke Kit page for a full description of this kit.

The Electric Start Remote Control Panel Kit (ES-CP...)

This kit provides a control panel (FIG 5) with all necessary switches which can be remotely

located and hard-wired to control the EU2000i generator's ON/OFF, Push-to-start,

"ECO"Speed Control ON/OFF and Choke ON/OFF Functions. The only generator function

not controlled is the fuel shut-off. You can select wiring extensions of 5, 15, 25 and 50 feet

in length upon order of the control panel (FIG 6). Choose from ES-CP5, ES-CP15, etc. for

your desired length on the pricing page.The control panel is not sold without one of the

wiring extension assemblies.

Using the Honda EU2000i Electric Start Kit For:

Camping / RV's

Honda EU2000i generators are regularly used by individuals on campsites and RV sites due to its very quiet operation. Frog Products' electric start kit for the Honda EU2000i generator with a hard-wired remote allows campers and RV owners to set the generator up outside of the campsite in order to further reduce the noise and to open up more space in a small environment. The electric start kit with hard-wired remote also prevents individuals from having to go outside in bad weather to start the generator. Make camping more enjoyable and safer by installing Frog Product's Electric Start Kit with remote for the Honda EU2000i. 

Sail Boats

Large sailboats often have both sails and an internal combustion engine for propulsion. In addition, they also have DC lighting and other systems that are powered by the engines alternator, a wind generator, and a back-up battery system. Most larger sailboats also carry a small generator in order to charge the batteries and run the systems on a more efficient and quieter system than a large thrust engine. The Honda EU2000i is a popular generator for this back-up need. 

The issue many Sail Boat operators face is that to use the Honda EU2000i, the owner has to manually pull-start and stop the unit out on the deck, often during bad weather. The Honda EU2000i Electric Start Kit with hard-wired remote is perfect for sail boats operating with a Honda EU2000i as it allows the owner to remotely start and stop the unit without having to brace dangerous weather. 

Back-Up/Emergency Power

Our Honda EU2000i Electric Start Kit is extremely popular here at Frog Products, Inc with individuals who either own or install back-up power systems. The Honda EU2000i is great for small installations as it powers up to 1600 watts, enough to power a few lights, TV/Radio, a refrigerator, a small heater, or even to charge a back-up battery pack at night when little power is being used. 

Many generators are connected to an auto-start system (NOT Provided) that automatically starts the back-up generator when the AC power goes out. An auto set-up of this sort requires the generator to have an electric start and a hard-wired remote control capability, which is where our Electric Start Kit fits perfectly! Our Electric Start Kit allows owners of a Honda EU2000i to be used as a back-up generator connected to  an existing emergency power auto-start system. 

We will install the Hybrid-Pak Electric Start Kit in your Honda EU2000i at our location if desired or we can provide a complete system with hard-wired remote to include all functions except fuel shut-off. Use the Contact Us to request a special quote to your specifications.


Honda is a registered trademark of Honda Motor Co., Ltd - all Rights Reserved. Frog Products, Inc. is in no way associated with the Honda trademark.

electric start kit for Honda EU2000i

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Electric Start Kit for Honda EU2000i


Check out our Pricing and Purchasing page to order.

Frog Products, Inc has designed and patented an electric start kit for the Honda EU2000i generator in order to provide a quality solution for common issues associated with the use of the generator. This top-quality generator electric start kit replaces the manual pull-start allowing individuals the ability to push a button to start their Honda EU2000i generator. This electric start kit was designed with a variety of consumers in mind and is capable of being installed on Sail Boats, RV's, Back-Up Generators, Golf Carts, Hunting Buggies, and much more! 

Each Electric Start Kit sold is accompanied by a detailed product guide instructing you on how to assemble the kit and safely operate it. Electric Start Kits can be installed in store upon request. 


The assembled Full kit (ES-F) above is shown with the optional externally attached fuel tank and internal starter battery with charger which keeps the unit a working portable generator (FIG 1). The user can provide their own external battery and fuel supply if desired with the Basic kit (ES-B). Other options and accessories are described below.

​​​FROG Products, INC. 



electric start kit for Honda EU2000i

Check out our Pricing and Purchasing page to order.

electric start kit for Honda EU2000i
electric start kit for Honda EU2000i