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electric choke kit
electric choke kit

Frog Products, Inc. has designed the Electric Start Choke Kit (ES-C-WR for a hard wired installation and the ES-C-WLR for connecting to a wireless installationdesigned to be attached to the Honda EU2000i/EU2200i series generator. This electric start choke kit was designed with the consumer in mind: to provide an electric choke capability for remote activation. Each kit is shipped with an installation guide that takes you step-by-step through the easy installation process.

                 Electric Choke Kit- Wireless                                   Electric Choke Kit- Wired                                   Electric Choke Installed

​​Designed for the Hybrid-Pak Electric Start Kit

The Electric Start Choke Kit was designed by Frog Products, Inc. to be used in conjunction with either of the Patented Hybrid-Pak Electric Start Kits (ES-B or ES-F). It is also designed to be used with either the Wired Remote Kit (ES-WR) or the Wireless Remote Kit (ES-WLR) to provide an electric choke capability for remote activation. The kit improves the functionality of the Honda EU2000i series generator. See our Electric Start Kit page for all the options that will allow the user to remotely control the EU2000i series generator’s ON/OFF, Push-to-Start, “ECO” Speed Control ON/OFF and Choke ON/OFF functions.

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Electric Choke Kit for the Honda EU2000i series Generator

The individual installing this kit needs to be fairly handy with hand tools and be able to read and follow the kit supplied instructions. The installer will be taking the access cover off the generator, removing the air cleaner and its cover. He will then be required to remove the choke plate and handle from the generator in order to smooth down the stops so the handle will move freely. The installer will also have to reinstall the removed items, drill holes, install the solenoid and wire the harness as needed. Some adjustments to the linkage may be needed for smooth operation.

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electric choke kit