Frog Products, Inc customizes and services the best hunting buggies in Covington, Ga to help hunters navigate through the toughest terrain. Our hunting buggies are customized by hunting and cart design experts to be safe, quiet, and tough, making them the best hunting partners. 

We customize each hunting buggy to make your hunting experience easier and safer. A great hunting buggy should have batteries that can last for the entire duration of your hunt, enough space to fit all of your equipment, and enough strength to transport even the largest animal. Stop by our store, or contact us today, to test drive a customized hunting buggy in Covington, Ga.

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Proprietary Range Extension 

Wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about getting stranding with a dead buggy? Our range extension accessory (Hybrid-Pak) can double the battery-only range of your cart and can be used to run tools, tailgate devices or provide your campsite power needs, charge 12V batteries, and the Generator is easily removable to take elsewhere. Contact us to learn more about our range extension accessory (Hybrid-Pak) options!

The Standard vehicle is a completely reconditioned late model EZGO with 1 Year Warranty and the following equipment (10 to 14 workday delivery time):

  • 11HP (48V)
  • 650 Amp Controller
  • HD wiring
  • High Amp F&R Switch
  • High Amp Solenoid
  • Camo Body- Satin or High Gloss- you choose the design/color
  • EZGO ST Front Cowl
  • Black Top and Seats
  • 2-Gun floor mounted gun rack
  • Head & Tail Lights
  • Front Brush Guard
  • Side and Rear Nerf Bars
  • State of Charge Meter
  • 12V AC Plug
  • New 165AH Batteries- 6x6= 48V- Standard (190 AH Batteries Optional)
  • Flip Rear Seat /or Utility Bed
  • Fender Flares
  • 5” EZGO Lift Kit with 22X11X10 Mud Buster or 22x11x10 ATV tires on Black Rims
  • Flip Down Windshield
  • Rear 2” Hitch & Receiver


  • Roof Camo same as body
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Roof Rack
  • Front Clays Basket
  • Rear 2-Gun Rack
  • Winch - Portable to front/rear hitch receivers
  • Battery Upgrade to 190AH Batteries
  • Hybrid Pak

Stop by our Covington, GA location to test drive the Hunting Buggy and check out the Hybrid-Pak!

Carts are Only Sold in person at our Covington Location


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Designed for the hunter in you.

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