• On-board proprietary Super Heavy Duty Drive Module / Charger
  • Removable Generator  (we can provide one or you can provide your own 2000+ Watt Generator(1))
  • Optional Electric Start 
  • Auxiliary Power (120V AC & 12V DC) available to the user
  • Super Quiet Operation (depends on the generator used)
  • Included is a proprietary State-of-Charge meter that gives accurate readings while charging & discharging
  • Bolt-on front 2-inch receiver (fits standard brush guards) with removable Generator Rack which allows the generator to also be removed to be used elsewhere.

Don't let "Range Anxiety" take over next time you're using your golf cart or hunting buggy! " FROG Products, Inc has the cure! The Hybrid-Pak extends the battery-only range of your cart to ensure that you don't have to worry about your cart dying while you're out driving!

The Hybrid-Pak is perfect for:


                             1. Extending the range of an electric golf cart

                             2. Having mobile access to a generator for an AC power need​

Tests show that the Hybrid-Pak can double the "battery-only" range of a golf cart. The range of the Hybrid-Pak depends on driving conditions, terrain, cart load, and configuration. Use the Hybrid-Pak while driving, stopped, or even plug it in for charging! You can use the onboard generator/auxiliary power to run tools, tail gate devices or provide your campsite power needs, charge 12V batteries, and is easily removable to take elsewhere.

The Hybrid-Pak ensures that you'll never be stranded due to loss of battery charge! With your batteries fully discharged (at about 20% SOC), run the unit for a short period (between 5-10 minutes) and one rider can drive slowly for 3-5 miles. Generally, it takes about 25 minutes per 10% State of Charge recovery between 20% SOC to 80% SOC. Be sure that the vehicle's batteries are allowed to charge to an acceptable (>20% SOC) level as the Hybrid-Pak cannot power the vehicle alone.

range extension

Hybrid-Pak Hunter

golf cart range extension

Hybrid-Pak Street- Honda Generator

golf cart range extension

Camping / RV's

Golf carts are incredibly popular at a campsite or an RV park as it eases transportation to and from activities! While camping, however, many people struggle to find a place to charge their electric golf cart. With the expertly designed Hybrid-Pak developed by Frog Products, Inc. you can almost double the range of your golf cart's battery pack and rest assured that you'll be able to use the golf cart for the duration of your camping trip. 


When you're hunting, the last thing you want to worry about is the life span of your cart's batteries. Don't get stuck in the woods on your way back home, add the Hybrid-Pak to your golf cart or hunting buggy to extend its' range and ensure that your cart will get you there and back. Our Hybrid-Pak was designed with hunters in mind to help extend their battery pack range to meet the length of their hunting trip, help the cart transport large game further and provide AC power to run their camp. 

Recreational Cart Use

Families and friends across the United States love using golf carts to drive around neighborhoods and friendly streets, but often forget to keep the battery charged. By adding a Hybrid-Pak range extension to the golf cart, you no longer have to worry about constantly checking to make sure your golf cart battery is fully charged. Rest assured that when your children use the golf cart to visit their friends, they'll always be able to charge the batteries to return safely home. 

Range extension/HYBRID-PAK

Extending the range of Golf Cart and Hunting Buggy batteries. 

golf cart range extension

 (1)Generator Compatibility:

  • We have found that the Honda EU2000i/EU2200i provides the best all around performance with our Hybrid-Pak Kit.
  • The Northern Tool  sold PowerHouse PH2100pri which provides 2000 Watt continuous power and electric start is our second choice, however we have been notified this product may be discontinued. You may search elsewhere for it.
  • ​The Yamaha 2000 and the PowerHorse 2000 did not work.
  • We have not tested all inverter generators, but it seems that other than the Honda, you will need a generator with at least a 1900/2000 watt continuous rating. We are continuing to test to find other suitable generators.
  • FPI will not take a kit back because the generator you have will not work, so please contact us to discuss your generator before purchase so we can help your installation be successful.


Hybrid-Pak with Optional Gen-guard

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Using the Hybrid-Pak Golf Cart Range Extension For:


Hybrid-Pak with Optional Gen-guard

Hunting buggy Range Extension

golf cart range extension