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state of charge meter

State-Of-Charge Meter

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The proprietary Thomas Research Group, inc. Night Ranger State-of-Charge Meter has the following unique features:

  • The display is easily read both day and night
  • The display blinks when the driver reaches dangerously low voltages that could damage the vehicle's systems
  • Provides accurate readings while driving, charging and discharging
  • Will work on 36 and 48 VDC battery packs (Higher voltages can be accommodated upon request)
  • A safe-start module is included for 48V installations that prevent damage to the unit while battery/cart maintenance activities occur
  • Full installation instructions are also included

FROG Products includes this unit exclusively in its Hybrid-Pak kits due to it providing the most accurate up and down battery charge status that we have found in the market. We have found this TRG SOC to work well on electric fork lifts.

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